Do All Paths Lead To God?

“You believe that there is one God.
You do well – even the demons believe and tremble!” James 2:19

Believing that there is a God is not sufficient. You have to know who you’re believing in.

Who IS this God? Is He the God of the Jews? The Christians? The Muslims? The Buddhists? Do all paths lead to God as long as the person is sincere? Oprah says yes. The Pope says yes. Are they right?

Well, no. You can believe in any of these gods EXCEPT Jesus, because Jesus excludes all others. He says you can’t get to God EXCEPT through him. Jesus proclaims the way to be exclusive. So to believe that one can get to heaven sincerely believing in any other gods, you have to omit Jesus from the list. That’s what he said.

“Jesus said to him:
‘I am the way, the truth, and the life.
NO ONE comes to the Father EXCEPT through me.'”
John 14:6

And therein lies the “offense of the gospel.”

“…to you who believe, he is precious,
but to those who are disobedient:
‘The stone which the builders rejected
has become the chief cornerstone,’
and ‘a stone of stumbling and A ROCK OF OFFENSE.'”
1 Peter 2:7-8

It IS offensive.

It is also …the truth.

Why is there only one way?

Because the issue is our sin. No one guilty of sin can enter heaven. Jesus Christ alone bore the judgment on our sin. No one else did. No one else could. God sent his Son to bear our judgment. If there were any other way, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ would have been unnecessary.

Satan is the source of all the false religions. Satan doesn’t care what you believe in …as long as it’s not the truth.

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