Revive Us Again Oh Lord

For a long time, when I heard believers hope for revival, I couldn’t join them because the Scripture paints such a terrible picture of what life will be like in “the last days.” But one day I came across a series of videos about the revivals that have visited our world in the past. As I viewed these old videos I felt my heart stir as I watched the stories of the wonderful visits of the Spirit of God on societies and the profound effect it had on them.

In those mighty revivals bars closed, houses of ill repute closed, even businesses closed down for hours so the workers could go to the meetings. Alcoholics went dry, crime stopped, and the name of the Lord was on everyone’s lips.

While I mused on this, I felt SUCH a stirring in my heart to labor in intercession for the souls of men. “But,” I argued, “isn’t it too late? The world is exactly as it was described to be in the last days… It gets worse daily, in fact we never would have believed we would see the depth of evil that has taken over in every aspect of society worldwide.”

Yet I couldn’t quench the strivings in my heart for the salvation of souls, men, women, children. I took it to the Lord and from that time – I have entered into prayer for another revival before the end comes and it really IS too late.

I don’t know how much time we have left, but until the Lord comes, my heart will cry out to him to bring revival, even it it’s in the last days, or even the last hours of this age. Oh Lord, do it again! Visit us again, Lord! Lives are at stake.

If your heart pleads for souls, watch these views of the great revivals of the past, when the glory of the Lord fell so mightily upon the people.

Revival came to the United States also.